Epoxy Resins and Polyurethanes

Insulating electrically and more safely the devices that we use every day is becoming increasingly necessary in our daily lives. The safe use of electrical and electronic components is becoming more and more important and makes our lives easier.

Transformers, motors, electrical insulators and coils are increasingly being pushed to their limits, both in terms of efficiency and endurance in various environmental situations.

ELANTAS develops and innovates in order to offer a complete range of formulations for applications where casting or potting technologies such as epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone resins are used.

ELANTAS range of resins are specially designed for demanding electrical and electronic applications. Therefore, additional properties such as improved heat dissipation, superior mechanical stability against high vibrations, noise reduction and even complete elimination of environmental influences are required.

All of them have a wide variety of mechanical, thermo-mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing characteristics as well as multiple UL94 certifications (also UL 746B) and are additionally certified for use in railway applications (EN45545 or NF F 16-101).

Additionally, ELANTAS has laboratories in which we can carry out the necessary formulations to find the most appropriate resin for each application.

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  • Capacitors, semiconductors, EMC filters, LED displays
  • Sensors, actuators, safety devices, automotive electronics
  • Batteries, relays, cable seals, connector sealing
  • Windings, ignition motors, transformers, electromagnetic devices
  • Large transformers, motors and generators, power switches
  • Solenoid valves and pumps, magnets

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